Ashes Jewellery - Charms

Designed to hold your Loved One's Ashes safely inside forever.

We understand how difficult it can be to lose a Loved One.
Our cremation jewellery is an enduring way to hold your love close.
All designs are expertly crafted to safely hold ashes or the handwriting of your Loved One inside forever
(handwriting can be scanned from an old birthday card or letter).

Our small LOVE IN A JEWEL® team ensures a personal end-to-end service with consideration and sensitivity to your story every step of the way.

How it works - all of our charms have a special compartment to hold cremation ashes safely inside forever.
Our Master Jeweller carefully places your Loved One's ashes inside the charm and then professionally seals the lid on. 
You receive polaroid photos showing the ashes sitting inside the charm - taken before the lid is professionally sealed on by our Master Jeweller.

Our beautiful gold and diamond cremation ashes jewellery is made for you to wear with love.
Handcrafted with care and integrity.

All of our jewellery keepsakes for ashes are handmade in our studio in New Zealand.
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