Discover the next level in personalised jewellery.
A special gift for the person who is everything to you

Proudly designed and made in New Zealand by Joachim and Tracy van Oostrum, these unique keepsake designs are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.
Every design can hold a hand penned note or keepsake inside, which is showcased in polaroid photos that come with the pendant.

The ultimate gesture of love or tribute to a Loved One, all our Keepsake Pendants feature a special compartment that can hold:

 ♡ A hand penned note of love

♡ Lock of hair or child’s handwriting

♡ Sand, earth, leaf from a special place

♡ Handwriting of a loved one scanned from an old birthday card or letter

♡ Baby’s fingerprint or footprint

♡ Other precious keepsake

The Process

1. Once you’ve followed the steps to ordering your pendant and we’ve received your special keepsake, we’ll do the rest.

2. Your note or keepsake is placed into the piece of jewellery with care and integrity. Then, the lid is professionally sealed on forever by our Master Jeweller, Joachim van Oostrum.

3. We capture polaroid photos showcasing the note or keepsake held within, which you receive with the jewellery.
     FROM $299 - $2749


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    Available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or sterling silver.
    Also available in platinum on request. 
    Some gifts are worth planning

    * Bride, Groom, Bridesmaid, Groomsman or Parent Gift * New Baby Gift  *Anniversary Gift  *Milestone Birthday Gift  *Graduation Gift  *Safe Travels Gift 
    * Mother's Day Gift  *Friendship Gift  *Bereavement  *Christmas or Valentine's Day Gift

    Every pendant comes with at least two polaroids:
    ♡ 1st polaroid shows the note or keepsake beside the pendant
    ♡ 2nd polaroid shows the note or keepsake inside the pendant
    *If you write on both sides of the note paper you will receive three polaroids

    Our promise to you

    Proudly designed and crafted in New Zealand, we unite design and craftsmanship to create precious pieces to be treasured for years to come. With uncompromising attention to detail and passion at our hearts, we always promise to craft your special piece with commitment and consideration. The signature LOVE IN A JEWEL® Keepsake Collection was created and designed in Christchurch, New Zealand by Joachim and Tracy van Oostrum in 2016. The Keepsake Collection was a finalist at the International Jewellery Design Awards - Sydney 2017. 


    Welcome to LOVE IN A JEWEL

    Dear Customers

    We will aim to have your LOVE IN A JEWEL made for you
    by the end of June.

    We normally only take five working days
    however at the moment we are visiting family in Europe.

    So you are welcome to place your order now
    and we will make it as soon as we get back on the 20th June.

    With our kindest regards

    Tracy & Joachim