Love Note | Keepsake Pendant - The Cross

This Love Note Pendant is designed with a special compartment to hold...

 A handpenned note of love
 Precious momento or keepsake
 Baby's fingerprint or lock of hair

You receive polaroid photos showing the note or keepsake held inside.

The pendant is then professionally sealed closed forever by our Master Jeweller, so the love inside can be treasured for a lifetime.


Sleek and modern, this simple Cross is perfect for wearing every day.

Available plain or with a diamond.

Also available totally set with diamonds.

On a 45cm chain. 


Your LOVE IN A JEWEL® includes:

1 x Cross Pendant
1 x 45cm Chain

Plus at least 2x Polaroid Photos
1x Photo showing your note | keepsake next to the pendant
1x Photo showing your note | keepsake inside the pendant

Photos are taken prior to your pendant being sealed forever.


Choose from Gold:

9ct Yellow Gold, White Gold or Rose Gold plain or with a Diamond

With a Solid Gold 45cm Chain or silver 45cm chain

Diamond Carat weight .03ct

Choose from Silver:

Sterling Silver plain or with a Cubic Zirconia or Brilliant Cut Diamond

With a Sterling Silver 45cm Chain


Platinum also available on request.



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