Ashes Pendant - The Ingot

Designed with a special compartment to hold...

♡ Cremation ashes of a Loved One
♡ Handwriting of your Loved One - scanned from an old birthday card or letter
♡ A lock of hair 
♡ Small piece of fabric from a favourite piece of clothing
 Precious momento or keepsake
♡ Pets ashes or photo

The ingot is then professionally sealed forever by our Master Jeweller, so the love inside can be treasured for a lifetime.

You receive polaroid photos which show what is held within.

Wear your ingot close to your heart every day with love. 



This Ingot can hold a large amount of handwriting, ashes, fur of a pet or other precious keepsake. Classic and timeless and can be worn with a wax chain or a gold or silver chain.

Yes this is also keepsake memorial jewellery and all designs are necklaces for ashes.


Your LOVE IN A JEWEL® includes:

1 x Ingot
1 x 45cm Chain

Plus at least 2 x Polaroid Photos
1 x Photo showing your ashes momento next to the pendant
1 x Photo showing your ashes momento inside the pendant

Photos are taken prior to your pendant being sealed forever.


Choose from Gold: 

Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold 

Available plain or with a diamond

With a Wax Chain or a Solid Gold 50cm Diamond Cut Curb Chain


Choose from Silver:

Sterling Silver plain

Also available with a crystal or a diamond

With a Wax Chain or a Sterling Silver 50cm Diamond Cut Curb Chain


Platinum also available on request.

Yes, we can put ashes into different types of jewellery! Click here for ashes cufflinks




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