A Sympathy Gift to Celebrate the Life of a Loved One

September 28, 2022

A Sympathy Gift to Celebrate the Life of a Loved One

Jewellery to hold ashes

Whether you are buying a piece for yourself as a remembrance of a Loved One or a sympathy gift for a bereaved friend at a time of grief, keepsake memorial jewellery is a beautiful and tangible way to hold a Loved One's memory close forever.

LOVE IN A JEWEL’s story was born when co-founder Tracy lost her beautiful mother, Colleen. 
Joachim van Oostrum, Tracy’s husband and our Master Jeweller, crafted a beautiful ashes necklace as a special gift for Tracy.
This idea later evolved to become LOVE IN A JEWEL, with the renowned Keepsake Collection holding handpenned love notes inside forever, now a gift to many.

Our keepsake jewellery for ashes

Our stunning cremation jewellery offers a subtle and unique tribute, allowing you to cherish your departed Loved One always.
Each piece of keepsake jewellery is handcrafted, containing ashes within an urn necklace, charm, ring or cufflinks.

How it works
Once you choose your favourite design, we will contact you to organise delivery of your Loved One’s ashes or you can personally deliver to our workshop. Our Master Jeweller will then handcraft your piece, carefully placing the ashes inside the jewellery, before professionally sealing the lid on forever.

Thoughtfully designed with timeless appeal, all our pendants, charms, rings and cufflinks can hold ashes.

We will also capture polaroid photos showcasing the ashes inside the jewellery - taken before the lid is professional sealed on forever.

We’ve been creating finest and most beautiful jewellery to hold ashes since the very beginning of LOVE IN A JEWEL.
We can also place beloved pet ashes into jewellery. 
In addition to ashes, we can also work with hair, fur or even paw prints.

We understand that losing a Loved One is a very sad time and want to reassure you we take absolute care in everything we do.
Our process of enclosing ashes into jewellery is undertaken with the upmost respect, sensitivity and compassion.
Together we will play a small part in helping you express your love and celebrate your Loved One - and hope to bring you a feeling of comfort and closeness with your LOVE IN A JEWEL.

Every piece from our cremation jewellery collection is personally made in our workshop and can take from five days
to two weeks for delivery.
Faster delivery may be available on request.

View our collection of jewellery for ashes here.