The best gifts for a loved one’s graduation

The best gifts for a loved one’s graduation

After years of uncertainty, and the cancellation of in-person events, celebrations for academic achievements have been a bit lacklustre. Thankfully, events are back  in action and feel all the more special now. If you have a loved one graduating soon —whether it’s your daughter, son, brother, sister or friend—we’ve rounded up the best graduation gifts befitting of such a
momentous occasion.

For many students and their families, graduation symbolises the end to a couple of decades’ worth of education (and all the costs, time and effort that entails) and the start of forging their own path in the world. Regardless of age or field of study, graduating is a feat that’s by no means easy. A culmination of years of hard work, it’s as important an achievement in someone’s life as any milestone - birthday, anniversary, birth, engagement or wedding.

If you’re scrambling to find the perfect graduation gift, you can breathe a sigh of relief. No matter their next move—embarking on travel, pursuing further study, or starting their first new job—jewellery meaningfully marks a watershed moment in their life. As graduation ceremonies are typically one-off events they’re definitely worthy of a one-off special gift.
Jewellery comes with that double benefit of being both long-lasting and thoughtful. However, not all jewellery is one and the same. We believe the best jewellery gifts, including for graduation, should be personal and unique to the wearer.
Proudly designed and made in New Zealand, LOVE IN A JEWEL’s Keepsake Collection of charms, pendants, rings and cufflinks comprises unique handcrafted jewellery designed to hold a handpenned note or sentimental keepsake inside forever.
From The Love Drop Keepsake Pendant (in silver or gold with a diamond, crystal or plain) to The Chic Keepsake Charm (designed to catch the light with 7 diamonds), there’s a design to suit all tastes. If you’re not sure of their style,
consider a piece that’s symbolic of the achievement, like the The Circle of Love Keepsake Pendant – a symbol that represents the journey of life and all the significant events and milestones in between. Our stunning range of charms can be added to an existing charm bracelet or purchase one of our beautiful bracelets (belcher or T-Bar). Choose from The Full Heart adorned with diamonds (or cubic zirconias), or for a more understated aesthetic The Cross or The Amavi charm.
As the name suggests, our Keepsake Collection of fine jewellery serves as a reminder of the love surrounding the person receiving the gift. 

Keepsake ideas

Below, we’ve rounded-up a few graduation gift ideas inspired by our Keepsake Collection…
- Write a note with the graduation date accompanied by a touching tribute to the graduate expressing how proud you are of them and we will seal this inside the jewellery forever
- Provide a precious memento from childhood and we will seal this inside the charm, pendant, cuffllinks or ring.
- Is the graduate about to set off on travel? Instead of a St Christopher, traditionally gifted for protection, write a note wishing them safe travels or an associated sentiment like "you have roots and wings" - roots reminding them they always have home— and wings — the freedom to fly on their own. Take their own path in life.
- Another idea great for those travelling, or moving out, is enclosing some soil or a petal from the family home inside the jewellery. Every time they hold the charm or piece of jewellery they will feel the comfort of home.
- If a family pet is close to their heart, some fur or a paw print sealed inside their jewellery could make for a truly unique and thoughtful gift when far from home.
- Cremation ashes of a Loved One can be safely sealed inside forever.
- We also have cufflinks that can hold a note or keepsake inside! These would be the perfect gift for the morning of graduation for him to wear to the ceremony.

How it works
Once you choose your favourite design, leave the rest to us.

We will contact you to organise over-night delivery of the note/keepsake you want to enclose, or you can personally deliver to our workshop.

Our Master Jeweller will then handcraft your piece, carefully placing the keepsake inside the jewellery, before professionally sealing the lid on forever. We will also capture polaroid photos showcasing the keepsake inside the jewellery - taken before the compartment is sealed.

All designs are available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or sterling silver, and platinum is also available on request.
View the full Keepsake Collection here.

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It is not easy to find a gift that really shows how much you love someone. But a LOVE IN A JEWEL does that. This is fine jewellery with real love held inside forever.


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A heartfelt note from a Grandad to his Granddaughters sealed inside Charms
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We met, fell in love and together we created LOVE IN A JEWEL®
We met, fell in love and together we created LOVE IN A JEWEL®

"It came from a place deep in our hearts.
It is an honour to make this special jewellery for people"
Co-Founder, Tracy van Oostrum

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