Unique gifts and ideas to mark an anniversary

Unique gifts and ideas to mark an anniversary

A wedding anniversary is a true testament to the saying, ‘time flies when you’re having fun’. So, it’s no surprise that another year spent side-by-side with your loved one rolls around just like that. Stuck for gift ideas or what to do to celebrate? No stress – we’ve got plenty of fail-safe ideas sure to impress your husband or wife. Whether it’s your first year of marriage, 25th or even a gift to mark your parents’ golden 50th anniversary, it’s a cause worth putting some extra thought into.


An anniversary can feel like a high-stakes celebration. You want to express how grateful you are for their love and time, reaffirm you’re still head over heels, make them feel special, all with a side of romance, of course. Above all else though, you want to show your significant other that you’ve taken the time to put thought into the occasion - AKA not just a last-minute dash to the supermarket for a card and some chocolate…we’ve all been there!



Sentimental and long-lasting, it makes sense that jewellery is a go to gift for the person closest to you. While thoughtful in itself, personalised jewellery really takes it to another level. The LOVE IN A JEWEL Keepsake Collection ticks every box with a range of timeless designs featuring a keepsake enclosed that’s unique to your relationship. Equally beautiful on the inside and outside, all pieces are 100 percent designed and made in New Zealand. Consider a heartfelt note, lyrics from your first dance or an excerpt from your wedding vows, in one of our popular anniversary designs below.



The Circle of Love Keepsake Pendant

Representing infinity, The Circle of Love Keepsake Pendant brings to life your forever love. The beautifully uncomplicated pendant features sleek curves and contours. As with all our pieces, this design has a compartment to hold a sentimental keepsake or note inside. For parents, a note from you on one side and a message from your kids on the other will go down a treat. Caution: a tear or two may be shed upon opening.



The Collette Keepsake Pendant

Stunning at every angle, our Collette Keepsake Pendant is designed to catch the light with 14 brilliant cut diamonds, all handset by our Master Jeweller, Joachim van Oostrum. Inherently timeless in design, it’s perfect for the woman with elegant and understated style sense. Write your note of love and leave the rest to us!



The Keepsake Cufflinks

For your dapper husband, these sleek, simple Keepsake Cufflinks are just what you’re looking for. Tailor to their style—sterling silver, yellow or white gold—enclose a special keepsake, then personalise a step further with a stylised initial emblem or engrave your anniversary date.



The Full Love Drop Keepsake Pendant

This design showcases a shimmering lovedrop embellished with diamonds (or cubic zirconias) for extra sparkle. Fusing subtlety and statement, the Full Love Drop Keepsake Pendant is love at first sight and forever holds your handpenned note of love inside. This really is a special gift to give...and to receive!



A weekend staycation

Whether you’re short on time or travel is out of reach, a staycation is a great way to escape the everyday and inject some romance into your anniversary. Sometimes a change of scene and night away from routine is just what the heart needs. If you can, make it a surprise – tell your partner to keep the night free, book a hotel or Air BnB, pack the suitcase and whisk them away. Despite what they say, everyone loves a surprise, trust us.


Cook a special meal

Get crafty in the kitchen and replicate a memorable meal, like the entrée of your wedding. Light some candles and treat your hubby or wife to a night off the kitchen. For an extra special touch, spend the evening reminiscing, pore over wedding photos and videos from your wedding day, taking stock of how far you’ve come.


A cooking class

If you don’t fancy yourself much of a cook, why not use your anniversary as an excuse to brush up on those culinary skills - a present your partner is sure to thank you for. Learning a new skill together will not only bring you closer but likely provide a few laughs at your expense along the way.


Dine out

Sensing a theme here? They do say the way to the heart is through the stomach! Get dressed up and head out to a restaurant – better yet, pick somewhere that’s sentimental, like where you went for your first date.


Dance lessons

Who said dance lessons were just for the lead-up to your wedding? A sexy samba lesson is guaranteed to turn up the heat.


Embrace a slower pace

Busy days mean you need to slow down and appreciate the little things. If your day falls during the week, enjoy breakfast in bed before rushing off to work or leave a sweet note by your partner's bedside. Then, when night falls, order your favourite takeaways, grab a bottle of wine, and snuggle up in front of a movie. A low-pressure date night done right.


Pamper yourselves

For an evening of well-deserved indulgence, book a couples massage at a local spa or call the spa to you with a mobile massage. The aroma of therapeutic oils and magic touch of a therapist is sure to have you both floating on cloud nine.


Be spontaneous

It’s all too easy to fall into a rut with the fast pace of modern life. If time permits, head off on a road trip and see where the drive takes you. Start with a plan in mind or just hit the road and see where you end up!


Renew your vows

If you're celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary, why not make it truly special and recommit your devotion to one another with a ceremony? Keep it small or invite all your friends and family to join in on the celebration.


Have a laugh

The couple that laughs together stays together! Hit up a comedy club or if you'd rather stay in, watch all of the best comedy specials you can find on Netflix.


Let go of the reigns

We love this idea - rotate year on and off with your significant other planning what you do. When it’s your turn, it forces you to invest quality time into the occasion, knowing that next year the thought will be returned.


Shop The Keepsake Collection for all your wedding anniversary gift inspiration.

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