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* This photo is from our first official day working together - when we launched LOVE IN A JEWEL
at the International Jewellery Fair in Darling Harbour, Sydney. 
If you would like to read more about this photo, please look at the bottom of this page. 


At LOVE IN A JEWEL® we take great care to ensure you are looked after every step of the way.

There is no question too small or request too big, so please ask us anything.
We look forward to helping you.

The Service...
The jewellery we make is very meaningful, personal and important.
We understand how much it will mean to you.
Please rest assured that every stage is handled with love, respect and care.
We make a LOVE IN A JEWEL® like we are making it for a family member of our own.
We are a very small team...
Every single piece is made with integrity in our Christchurch based studio. 
Only Joachim and Tracy will work on your LOVE IN A JEWEL® from start to finish.

How to order...
Simply choose the design you would like and order on our website.
From there we will send you an email with all the details you need...for example: what we need from you and where to send it.
Don't worry, it's easy.

The Making of your LOVE IN A JEWEL®...

Joachim and Tracy work side-by-side throughout the process

1. Firstly Joachim prepares the piece of jewellery, he personally files and handsets every diamond or crystal in every piece and hand polishes the piece.
Once ready, he hands the piece of jewellery to Tracy with the lid separate.

2. Tracy takes a photograph of your Loved One's Ashes or your Love Note beside the jewellery.
If it is a Love Note, close up photographs are taken clearly showing the note laying flat next to the jewellery.
Tracy then carries the piece of jewellery with the Ashes or Love Note back to Joachim.

3. If it is Ashes going inside...
Joachim uses his special copper spoon with a funnel to gently place the Ashes into the piece of jewellery. 

4. If it is a Love Note going inside...
(Remember close up photos of the note laying flat have already been taken)
Tracy then chooses a special word from the note and asks Joachim to fold the note so this particular word is on top. Joachim then does some skillful origami folding and carefully places the folded note into the piece of jewellery using tweezers.

5. Tracy then takes a photo of the Ashes or Love Note sitting inside the jewellery.
She then carries the jewellery with the separate lid back to Joachim and prints out the polaroid photos.

6. Joachim professionally seals the lid on forever using special bespoke tools and once this process is completed he gives the piece a final polish. 
Tracy checks every finished piece to ensure it is perfect before packaging the jewellery, with the polaroid photos, into the jewellery box and gift bag.

It is a labour of love with attention to detail from start to finish. 

* More about the photo at the top of this page...
"After one year of working almost every night after work and every weekend to create the idea, the pendants (and everything that went with it),
we took our beloved LOVE IN A JEWEL to the Sydney Jewellery Fair - to see if anyone was interested in what we had made.
We were so nervous and so full of hope but on the first day of the Fair no one stopped at our stand.
Then around midday on the second day of the Fair a wonderful family (the Platje's from Hamilton) walked up, listened to what we had created, smiled and told us they would love to take it in their Hamilton Stores - Precious Metals & Diamonds and Sense & Wonder.
I (Tracy) was so full of emotion and relief I thanked them and immediately walked away to the bathroom where I burst into tears.
(My Mum's photo had sat beside my computer the whole time we were creating LOVE IN A JEWEL and it came from a place so deep in our meant so much).
Then I looked in the mirror and thought "what am I doing crying in the bathroom, I need to get back out there" and walked back out with red eyes to where our very first stockist was chatting to Joachim and patiently waiting to sign on the dotted line. What a moment. We are forever grateful to them.
So we flew back to New Zealand with two stockists - our lovely Hamilton family and Jamies Jewellers, Alexandra. This was the start and we were so happy and relieved that all our work, savings and heartfelt effort had not been for nothing.  To think that people understood and wanted what we had created from our hearts (really from a place of deep grief) is something that is hard to put into words".

p.s. Another highlight from the Fair...the organisers encouraged us to enter LOVE IN A JEWEL in the International Jewellery Designs Awards...
and we were surprised and very honoured to be awarded as a Finalist in the International Design Awards with our Collection.

Thank you for reading this far.
We hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit of the story behind LOVE IN A JEWEL!
(There is so much to the story but this photo was from our first official day!) xx